Quicksilver 875

8.75m / 1 Cabin / 4 Beds

The design of the Activ 875 Sundeck is an aesthetic triumph, providing exemplary room efficiency. Take a look at the steering with the stylish windshield and double seat. Pushing the seat forward you will find a galley with sink, chopping board and grill. The available space in cabin is optimally used with a lounge, which turns into the master bunk. The sunlounge of the boat offers enough space for everyone. The cockpit seats can be converted into a 1.9 x 1.6m sun lounge with direct access to the water. The bow area already is a sundeck with fabulous area of 2.25 x 2.25m. This boat category is the absolute top. In the cabin, there is everything else you need, for example the toilet and a shower. You can invite up to 12 persons for a day cruise in the sun. Overnight friends are also welcome for a more days trip since the cabin has 4 beds.

Tariff 2019
May / Oct
per day
€ 649
per week
€ 3,899
Jun / Sep
per day
€ 699
per week
€ 4,189 
Jul / Aug
per day
€ 749
per week
€ 4,489

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