Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not shown here, please complete the form at the bottom to contact us, and we will happily reply with the answer as soon as we can.

What time do charters start/finish?

All of our yacht charters start at 10:00 and finish at 18:00, unless with special agreement by Lamprell Marine at the time of booking.

Can I book a half day?

During the low season (up to end of March, and from September) we can offer a half day if we have availability.
During the high season we can sometimes offer a half day on one of our yachts, depending on availability – please call us on the morning you wish to charter, and we will try to facilitate your request.

Where does the charter start and end?

All charters will start and finish in the yacht’s home port, unless otherwise specially agreed with Lamprell Marine in advance.

Where are the yachts based?

Miss Kate, Isaba, Time Flies and Tranquilo are moored in Port de Mallorca, Palma.
Sueño is moored in Palma Nova.
Blue Ice, Red Pepper and Spare Rib are moored in Port Adriano, El Toro.

How do we make a reservation?

You can book a charter with us directly by phone, email, or visiting our office in Port Adriano.

What happens after we have made a reservation?

To confirm a booking, we will need your full name and email address in order to send you a contract for the charter. On this contract you will be asked to complete all of your personal details and provide us with credit card details for the security deposit, which is blocked at the start of the charter (see ‘What is the security deposit?’).

We will also need a scanned copy of your passport as proof of I.D.

Once you have signed the contract and returned a copy to us, you will be required to pay a 50% deposit to secure the booking, or if the start of the charter is less than 30 days from signing the contract you will need to pay the full charter fee.

What is included in the charter fee?

Included in the prices we quote you are insurance, mooring in the yacht’s home port, towels, bed linen, end clean, tender, and water sports equipment.

Miss Kate and Isaba also include a Captain and Stewardess/Cook.

Time Flies and Tranquilo include a Captain.

Our other yachts are available for bareboat charter with the correct licence, or a skipper can be arranged for your charter for €200 per day.

If you require a Stewardess then this is an extra €150 per day.

Are there any additional charges?
  • Fuel for the yacht and tender at the end of your charter (see ‘How do I pay for the fuel’).
  • Any food and drinks ordered through our suppliers.
  • Moorings (other than in the yacht’s home port).
  • Cabrera permit (booked in advance of charter).
  • Additional or specialist water sports equipment.
  • Additional marina fees incurred during your stay onboard.
Is there a handover fee for bareboat charter?

For all charters on one of our own yachts, booked directly through Lamprell Marine, there is no additional charge for the handover from one of our trained skippers.

How do we pay for the charter?

You can pay by bank transfer, credit card, or with cash in person at our office in Port Adriano.

Do we need to pay a deposit?

A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking, with the remainder paid 30 days before the charter starts. If the charter is booked less than 30 days in advance, then full payment is required.

What is the security deposit?

For all charters you will need to provide a Security Deposit with your credit card. The Security Deposit is blocked from your credit card the morning of your charter, and unblocked on safe return of the yacht, with no outstanding monies owed. This includes fuel, provisioning (food and drinks), any mooring costs from marinas other than the home port, and any other fees incurred during your charter. Any damage made to the yacht by the charter guests will be paid for by the Charterer, and this money will be taken from the security deposit.

The amount of security deposit required is listed below, and is to cover the excess on the insurance.

Miss Kate – 5000€
Isaba – 4000€
Time Flies – 1500€
Tranquilo – 2500€
Sueño – 1500€
Blue Ice – 1500€
Red Pepper – 1500€
Spare Rib – 1000€

How do I pay for the fuel?

At the beginning of your charter the yacht fuel tanks will be full. At the end of your charter the Captain will take the boat to the fuel station and fill up, and you will be required to pay directly to the fuel station.

For bareboat charters you will be shown where the fuel station is by the Lamprell Marine skipper who did the handover with you at the start of the charter, and they will meet you there at the end of the charter once you have filled up with fuel.

In the event that the fuel station is closed, Lamprell Marine will fill up with fuel at the first available instance, and the total amount will be deducted from your security deposit.

What is APA?

Advance Provisioning Allowance.  This is typically 25% of the charter fee and paid in advance for crewed charters. This money will be used by the crew for provisioning and fuel, and any other fees incurred during your charter (such as mooring fees, etc.). The crew will keep a record of all expenditure, and any of the allowance left over at the end of the charter will be returned. In the light of insufficient funds being available the Captain will inform you, and you will be required to top up the APA in cash to maintain an adequate balance.

Can we have a discount if we book more than one boat?

As Lamprell Marine own and operate their own fleet of yachts, we are open to discussing special rates for our clients who book with us directly.

What license do I need for bareboat charter?

To skipper any of our bareboat yachts, you will need a minimum licence allowing you to skipper up to 24m in coastal waters. For example:

UK – RYA Day Skipper
DE – Sportbootführerschein

What nationality are the crew?

As an equal opportunity employer we have a team of multinational crew. All of our crew speak English, and where possible we will provide crew whom speak the same language as the clients.

Is there a Stewardess on board?

Miss Kate and Isaba both have a Stewardess onboard full time in the summer season, and this is covered in your charter fee. If you require a Stewardess for your charter on one of our other vessels, this will be an extra €150 per day as required.

Is food and drinks included in the charter fee?

Food and drinks are not included in the charter fee.

Can I order food/drinks?

When you book your charter with us we will be happy to send you a drinks and catering list from local suppliers, and will arrange for delivery on the morning of your charter. You can pay them directly in advance.

For charters which have paid APA, the crew will use this money to pay for all provisioning.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your own food and drinks, and all of our yachts (apart from Spare Rib) have a fridge onboard.
On Spare Rib we can provide a cool box for your charter.

Are children allowed to charter with us?

Of course, we welcome all of your family and friends to enjoy a charter with us. If children are taken on board, you shall be fully responsible for their conduct and entertainment, and no member of the crew shall be held responsible for their conduct or entertainment.

Please let us know at the time of booking if you require life preservers (life jackets) for young children, and we will provide these at no additional cost.

Can disabled people charter your yachts?

It depends on the disability. The yacht manufacturers did not design their yachts with disable guests in mind, so access onto the yacht could be difficult for guests with limited physical mobility.

Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access as the passerelle (gangway) onto the yacht is narrow, as are the walkways at the sides of the yacht.

It is the Charterers responsibility for their guests, including those undergoing medical treatment.

What restaurants can we go to (on day charter)?

If you wish to go ashore for lunch, please let us know and we can make a reservation for you.

Gran Folies (Cala Llamp)
Cap Falco (Cala Vinyas)
Cap Rocat (Llucmajor)
Cas Patro (Deia)
Na Caragola (St Elm)
Rocamar (Port Andratx)
Puro Beach (Illetas)
Nikki Beach (Calvia Beach Resort)
Es Repos (Portals Vells)
Playa del Mago (Portals Vells)

Is there water sports equipment available?

Yes, we have a selection of water sports equipment onboard and they are available for your use at no additional cost. All boats have snorkelling gear (masks, snorkels and flippers).

  • Miss Kate - Wakeboard, Water Skis, Donut, Paddleboard, and a jet ski available for guests with the correct licence
  • Isaba - Wakeboard, Water Skis, Donut, Paddleboard
  • Time Flies - Wakeboard, Water Skis, Donut, Paddleboard
  • Tranquilo - Wakeboard, Water Skis, Donut, Paddleboard
  • Spare Rib - Wakeboard, Water Skis, Donut

Unfortunately our tenders on Sueño, Blue Ice and Red Pepper are not powerful enough to tow any water sports equipment, but can be used to go ashore, or to explore small bays and coves where the yacht can’t reach.

Can I water ski on the rib?

Yes, the rib can tow water skis, wakeboard, or donut. Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like any of these onboard so we can have them ready for your charter.

Do you have a jet ski?

Miss Kate has a jet ski, though can only be operated by crew or guests who have a Personal Watercraft Licence (PWC).

What is the itinerary on a day charter?

The luxury of hiring a yacht with us, rather than being on a tourist boat, means that you can chose your own itinerary. We will offer you suggestions of places you can visit during your charter, and this can be discussed with the Captain on the morning of your charter, as you may need to have some flexibility depending on the weather and sea conditions.

All of our Captains have experience of cruising in Mallorca, so they all know the best places to take you to ensure the best day possible.

If you are chartering with us bareboat we can offer you suggestions of places to go to, and the Lamprell Marine Captain who does the handover with you in the morning will also discuss where you can go that is suitable for the yacht you are chartering (with regards to depth limitations, etc.).

Can we take the boat to Ibiza/Formentera/Menorca?

You can go with our yachts to Ibiza, Formentera or Menorca if your charter is for more than one day.

For example, it takes approximately 3.5 hours each way from Palma to Ibiza, so if you were on a day charter then by the time you get there you’d have to turn around to come back. With all the time at sea you wouldn’t have time to stop for a swim or enjoy any water sports. And, as you will be motoring there and back continuously, the cost of the fuel for this trip would approximately double what you spend on the charter fee for the day.

For day charters we can recommend some lovely itineraries along the coast of Mallorca.

How long does it take to get from Palma/Port Adriano to Soller?

Approximately 2 hours from Palma, 1.5 from Port Adriano.

Can we visit Cabrera?

Cabrera is a national marine reserve and allows a limited number of yachts in it’s small harbour each day.  Therefore, if you wish to go to Cabrera you will need to request and pay for a permit. We can arrange this for you prior to your charter.

Can we visit Port de Pollensa?

Our yachts are based in Palma and Port Adriano on the South-West Coast of Mallorca, and Port de Pollensa is on the North coast. It would take approximately 4 hours plus to get from Palma to Port de Pollensa, and as day charters are 8 hours long then it wouldn’t make sense to travel all the way up there to then have to turn around and come straight back. And, as you will be motoring there and back continuously, the cost of the fuel for this trip would approximately double what you spend on the charter fee for the day.

How many people can come on board?
  • Miss Kate – licensed for 12 guests plus 2 crew on day trips.
  • Isaba – licensed for 12 guests plus 2 crew on day trips.
  • Time Flies - licensed for 12 in total on day trips.
  • Tranquilo - licensed for 10 in total on day trips.
  • Sueño - licensed for 10 in total on day trips.
  • Blue Ice - licensed for 10 in total on day trips.
  • Red Pepper - licensed for 12 in total on day trips.
  • Spare Rib - licensed for 11 in total on day trips.
How many people can sleep on board?
  • Miss Kate - sleeps 8 guests in 4 cabins (Stateroom, VIP, and two twin cabins).
  • Isaba - sleeps 10 guests in 4 cabins (Master, VIP and 2 triple cabins).
  • Time Flies - sleeps 6 guests in 3 cabins (Master and 2 full sized twin cabins).
  • Tranquilo - sleeps guests 6 in 3 cabins (Master and 2 twin cabins).
  • Sueño - sleeps 4 in 2 cabins.
  • Blue Ice - sleeps 4 in 2 cabins.
  • Red Pepper - sleeps 4 in 2 cabins.
Do we need to bring our own towels?

Towels are provided onboard for all charter guests, and are included in the price.

What happens if the weather is too bad to go out?

We want you to have to best day possible, but unfortunately we can’t control the weather so there is no guarantee of it being perfect for your trip. If the sea state is rough and there is a large swell, then the skipper will advise you before the charter starts and let you know if it is too unsafe to leave the port. It can also be decided on the day to cancel if there is heavy rain or a storm.

In these instances, we will do our best to change your charter to another day when the weather is better.

In the instance of you not being able to swap to another day, then you will have a credit of the amount you have paid for the cancelled charter, and this can be used against your next booking with us.

What happens if we need to cancel the booking?

If you cancel after payment of the charter deposit or full charter fee, you will have that amount held as credit, and you can use it against the booking of any of our own yachts in the future, valid for 2 years.

If you wish to cancel due to bad weather then we will offer to swap you to another day, where we have availability, otherwise again, you will have the charter fee as credit and can use it on a future visit.

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