Teak Decking

A real teak deck is not only the most apparent surface of the vessel‘s exterior, it is also one of the most impressive, creating a look of unmistakable lasting beauty. A good quality teak deck adds value and character to any boat, but may even be less expensive than some of the less attractive synthetic imitations which are now available.

From our experience with some makes of yachts, we found that they were supplied from the factory with a plywood/teak veneer deck that only lasts around 8 years before the thin veneer is gone and the plywood starts to show through.

Our UK based supplier has access to deck templates for Princess, Fairline, Sunseeker and many other makes and are a major supplier to the Princess Yacht factory themselves.

The solid teak deck can be ordered from our supplier in the UK and will arrive in complete sections ready for our experienced team to install to your vessel within 3-4 weeks from order. The teak can be supplied in varying thicknesses depending on your individual requirements. This process of manufacture in sections is technically superior to the deck being cut and positioned on the deck as the temperature controlled factory conditions enable a better quality product to be manufactured ready for installation.

We are so confident in our ability to provide a cost effective, quality decking solution that we guarantee to beat any other quote that has been sourced in Mallorca.

Since the company‘s inception, our commitment to excellent service at a fair price continues to be the driving force behind all that we do.

Please feel free to call our head of maintenance directly on +34 667 265 762 or e-mail us at service@lamprellmarine.com if you have any problems or queries regarding replacement of your teak deck.